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NeoBux Strategy

Make Money Online With NeoBux. Join Free.

Introduction To NeoBux (A way to make money online)

What is NeoBux? NeoBux is a PTC (Paid To Click) website where you can make money just by watching ads / visiting websites. You can also complete mini-jobs and get extra cash. Joining is totally free, and they pay you via either PayPal or Payza (whichever you prefer). It is a very legitimate and trustworthy website that pays as soon as you request payout (provided you have reached the minimum payout amount, which starts at $2 and then goes up to $10). However, to really make some money with NeoBux, you will need referrals. And some patience, the first few days you will not be making much more than a few cents.

Steps For Making Money Effectively With NeoBux

Step 1: Getting Started

If you haven't done so already, sign up at NeoBux for free by clicking here (Opens in new window)

Or click on any of the NeoBux banners within this page and signup for free, works all the same.

Once you have created your NeoBux user and have confirmed it and logged in, you will be ready to start making money online. Keep reading.

Step 2: First Few Weeks in NeoBux

In NeoBux, you earn money from watching ads, and from (optionally) completing minijobs. However, plenty of people just give up with NeoBux as they make quite very little money. The fact is, during the first couple weeks of using NeoBux, you will not be making any significant amount of money. Maybe a few cents here and there each day. This is a fact. However, just don't give up. The key to success with NeoBux is to get referrals. Keep reading.

Step 3: Getting your first few referrals

Referrals are key to success in making money with NeoBux. In NeoBux, there are two type of referrals:

a) Direct Referrals: Direct referrals are people you directly invite to join NeoBux using your own referral link. You may post your referral link in your website, your blog, some forums, or just about anywhere else (that doesn't break the rules) in order to make more people join NeoBux. Everytime these new members click on an ad, you get a small percentage of wathever they earned.

There are things to keep in mind: You cannot get direct referrals (the referral link won't help you at all) until after you have been a member of NeoBux for 15 days and have clicked at least 100 ads in total. If you are really good at referring people, this will become a valuable tool for you later on.

b) Rented Referrals: In NeoBux you can rent referrals. They come in packages, the smallest one consisting of 3 referrals for $0.60 (60 cents) up to 100 referrals for $20 (20 dollars). By default, they will work for you for a period of 30 days. In most cases, each referral will earn you more money monthly than what it costs to rent them. More rented referrals = more profits.

You can get rented referrals as soon as you have at least 60 cents. You can either wait up and earn the 60 cents by watching ads and completing minijobs, or you can speed things up by buying some "rental balance" through PayPal or Payza (minimum $5). Rental balance is your NeoBux pocket for everything related to referrals.

You can keep rented referrals from "expiring" by setting "Autopay = ON". It is a good idea to set Autopay to ON". As long as autopay is on, and as long as a rented referral has at least 20 days left, they will pay for their own selves. If they have less than 20 days left, however, you will have to manually extend their time, otherwise you will end up losing them when the days reach zero. Ideally its good to try to extend referrals for 50 days or more if possible.

In a sense, you can think about rented referrals as if they were "company shares". The more rented referrals you get over time, the more you will earn.


ATTENTION: Regardless of wether you get direct referrals or rented referrals (or both), as a STANDARD member you MUST click on at least 4 ads every day. More specifically, on the "orange" colored ads. This means, you MUST login everyday and watch at least 4 ads (or more, preferably), or else you will NOT get any earnings from your referrals that day. This is a NeoBux rule. Make sure to re-read this paragraph once again.


Even if you can't login every day, you must at least log in once a month if you don't want to lose your NeoBux account. But only by logging in every day (or almost everyday) is how you will earn some cash. After all, clicking on the 4 orange ads shouldn't take more than 5 minutes daily.

Tip: After you have clicked on 250 ads you will be granted the ability to post messages in the NeoBux forums. These forums are very helpful, people and moderators in there often give advice to questions you may have. Keep this in mind. If you click on every ad every day you should be getting this ability within 15 to 20 days or so.

Referral Average (AVG): You will notice that when you visit your referrals page, there is an "Average" (AVG) number related to them. The higher this number, the better. Less than an AVG of 1.0 mean the referral isn't being very active. An AVG or 3.0 to 4.0 (or more) means it is a very active and a very good referral. In the case of rented referrals, you can "recycle" them for 7 cents of their average is too low. NeoBux lets you recycle for free after 15 days of poor performance. As a general rule, recycle anyone with an AVG below 1.2 since they aren't earning you money. Don't be too trigger happy when recycling, though. Evaluate referrals for a couple days before recycling. Maybe they are taking a break or something. Use your judgment. If a rented referral has poor performance for more than 10 days, then its a good signal to recycle.

Step 4: Get to at least 200 rented referrals or so

Do your best effort and keep getting rented referrals until you have around 200 or so. Make sure their terms don't expire by extending their deadlines when possible. The more rented referrals you have, the more money you will make. Think of them as "shares" or "slots". As a Standard member you will not be able to get more than 300 rented referrals, though.

Step 5: Buy the Golden Upgrade

In NeoBux, the Golden Upgrade is a yearly upgrade to your Standard account that costs 90 dollars. If you play your cards well, within some months of the above strategy you should have saved some 90 dollars in your Balance. You can also speed things up bu buying the upgrade via PayPal or Payza. Why buy the Golden upgrade? It will GREATLY boost the earnings you get from your referrals. You will get at least twice the income (or more) of what you were earning as a Standard member. You can also get up to 2000 rented referrals, thus seriously increasiung your earnings potential. Rented referrals overall tend to perform better too, and run out of time less frequently. Getting the Golden upgrade is obviously a goal to achieve in NeoBux at some point if you are real about making money with this site.


  • You can make money online at NeoBux. Joining is free.
  • The key to success is to get as many referrals as possible.
  • Don't let the time of rented referrals to expire you'll lose them.
  • If you are serious about NeoBux, plan to get a Golden upgrade some time, eventually. Its a yearly renewal but it greatly increases your earnings potential.
  • You will only trully get the "hang" of things by using it.

Getting Direct Referrals

Once you have been a member of NeoBux for 15 days and have clicked a total of at least 100 ads, you may get direct referrals. Direct referrals are cool! Why? They earn you money and they don't cause you any cost. To get direct referrals, locate your referral link in your NeoBux account and share it with friends, colleagues, etc!

There is an even better way to get Direct Referrals for Neobux. Share this article! Why? Because it educates people about NeoBux. The more people know about how NeoBux works, the more effective they will be. Thats the sort of referral you'll want. Below is how to share this article with YOUR NeoBux ID (it will put itself in all NeoBux links and banners):


For example, if your NeoBux username is cat, your guide link would be http://money.123bit.com/neobux-strategy/index.php?ref=cat

Will only work with actual NeoBux usernames, so if you haven't done so already, join NeoBux. Its free!

Allright, happy earning online!

Sites Like Neobux

The more PTC (Paid To Click) sites you use, the more money you will get. Make sure to check out ProBux, Twickerz, and NerdBux. Just like NeoBux, they are very legitimate and solid websites. They work in a more or less similar way as NeoBux, and many of the points outlined in this article are perfectly valid in these sites as well.

Posted by 123Bit.Com on November 23, 2013

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